A visit to Poland from April 22 to May 2, 2024

An academic jubilee at the University of Łódź

Celebrating Harry Paye Day 2023

Celebrating Spring 2023

Tiger Day Autumn 2022

An afternoon in Swanage, 2022-08-20

Portraits of Andy Ross, 2017−2023

A sunny morning seafront walk, 2021-11-02

A morning walk beside the beach, Poole Bay, Easter Sunday 2021

Remembrance Sunday 2020: A photographic recollection of my father's role

A photographic chronicle of a walk around Middle Beach on Studland Bay

A photographic chronicle of a walk along the seafront during the lockdown

A photographic chronicle of my time as a Poole Rotarian

A photographic chronicle of my 5 years as a Conservative activist

New PLA weapons on parade, Tian'anmen Square, Beijing, October 1, 2019

Tiger Day, Bovington Tank Museum: 34 photos taken on September 14, 2019

Bournemouth Air Festival: 12 photos taken on September 1, 2019

A walk to Swanage: 12 photos taken on August 5, 2019

Poole Bay: 8 photos taken on April 8, 2019

My vacation in Germany, February/March 2019

Poole sun during winter snow crisis in Britain, February 2019

The Brittany ferry Barfleur sets off to France, January 2019

The Tiger Collection, Bovington Tank Museum, September 2018

Tiger Meet: Tiger Day X, Bovington Tank Museum, September 2018

Bournemouth Air Festival, September 2018

Poole − Nothe Fort − Weymouth, August 2018

Farnborough International Airshow, July 2018

Royal Air Force Centenary, July 2018

Another walk to Swanage, February 2018

A walk to Swanage, September 2017

A walk to Peveril Point, August 2017

A stroll along the prom to Bournemouth, July 2017

A hike to Swanage, August 2016

My new apartment in Canford Cliffs, October 2015

Vacation in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca, September 2013

My room in Poole, illustrating my life 11 weeks after the Return

Poole, illustrating my life 4 weeks after the Return

A pair of lakes at the end of a jogging trail, February 2013

My Schwetzingen apartment, showing how much stuff I had

A walk in the woods with a group of Schwetzingen friends

Portraits of me at SAP on December 14, 2012

Portraits of me at SAP on December 17, 2010

A pleasant walk in Schwetzingen Schloßgarten

A pleasant walk in the springtime sunshine

In or near Schwetzingen Schloßgarten

Group photo of old Exonians who dined together in Zurich in 2008

Portraits of me, 12 from November 2007 and 5 from January 2008

Me at Exeter College Oxford in June 28, 2003, and October 1969



Introductory page for my 2022 novel ALBION

Introductory page for my political novel Britizen Jon

A miscellany of jokes that require learning to appreciate

Basic bibliographic details of my books, with links and more

An ultraminiature autobiography, for those who want it short

The introductory page for my 2013 book Coral: The Next Twist Of Fate

Readers' notes page for my little 2012 book Christ: A Tall Story

Shaping virtual lives: a proceedings volume that I co-edited

Introductory page for my philosophical autobiography

List of my main publications since 1991, many with PDF downloads

My recent Amazon book reviews republished in chronological order

Wise sayings in Arabic and German from Schwetzingen Schloßgarten mosque

Introductory page for my book G.O.D. Is Great

Stub for a notes page for my book G.O.D. Is Great

Introductory page for my 2009 Globorg book plan

Introductory page for my draft book Godblogs

Introductory page for my philosophy book Mindworlds

Extended review of books by Penrose and Wolfram published in JCS

Captain Pom vs the Grumians, text for a fun cartoon strip I wrote in 1999

Introductory page for my 1996 science-fiction novel Lifeball

My contact page


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