The Next Twist Of Fate


Rover, 2013

Paperback, 12.8 cm x 19.6 cm, 300 pages

ISBN 978-148234223-9

World history is the greatest story ever told. It starts with the gods and ends here and now, with us. We all want to know what happens next. Looking back we see a rich tapestry of good and bad actors — Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Communists, Nazis, and the heroes of Apollo. It is truly a tale of triumphs and tragedies.

Spiral dynamics is a color scheme for understanding history by tracing the evolution of complexity from humble origins. How we rose from surviving as naked apes to living as smart nodes in a globalized ecosystem is a story well worth telling in color. The tale has an amazing twist in the next chapter — the coral step in the spiral.

Who, What, Why

My aim in this book is to lay bare the plot of history. The story of how we humans developed from apes to our present global
dominion should have a plot, and if we look carefully we should be able to see it. We should also find it strong enough to move
us to action.

My first bold step, one of three leaps of logic, is to change the subject. I say history is His story. To find out who "He" is, we need
to go back in time, to the ancient patriarchs who founded the traditions of monotheism.

Historians take a godlike perspective on the topics of their inquiry. They write as scribes of He who sees all and knows all about
their chosen theme. He embraces female historians too, of course, since "he" is now a gender-neutral pronoun. The ancient
patriarchs broke a symmetry of gender there.

If man is the measure of all things, our godlike perspective is a psychic state of great scientific interest. We should see a growth
of that perspective over history, as idealistic young men dreamed of passionate union with the divine presence and imagined a
man could become a god.

The example that set the tone for most of Western history was the Christ figure defining the start of the Common Era calendar.
To fill in some facts, the noun "Christ" is the English form of the Greek translation of the Hebrew word we write as Messiah,
meaning the anointed one. Christians used the word as an honorific title for Jesus the Nazarene, the man whose crucifixion two
millennia ago made claims that he was the prophesied messiah controversial, at least among Jews. His given name Jesus
meant "Yahweh saves", where Yahweh meant "he who causes to fall" and appears originally to have been a tribal storm god. In
Hebrew, "Yahweh" was written as the tetragrammaton YHWH.

Christians said Jesus embodied the divine state of being. By the doctrine of transubstantiation, some claimed that the body of
Christ was the global body of believers. Today we can all say we're troopers in the human storm.

Spiral dynamics is a sketch for a theory that frames human history to date in eight colored stages. I review that eightfold way, up
to the global organism, Globorg, and take the next step, into the coral cloud. My second bold leap of logic is to see the global
body of Christ as a glimpse of Globorg.

Relax: This book is not a religious tract and advances no religious doctrines, unless science be called religion. It's just a back
story for how we made the move from belief in gods to living in Globorg. My ideal reader is someone who wants to understand
that move and who finds it hard to give the old word "god" any meaning in the twenty-first century of the Common Era. Too many
believers still misuse the word in defiance of all reason to denote a supernatural patriarch, in blithe disregard of the absurdity of
that usage following the tragedy of the Holocaust (the "sacrifice by fire") that burned down Europe in the twentieth century.

In a coral scheme, those people who need a human image for divinity may find it in any and every human spark in the storm.
From this perspective, belief in a mere patriarch is a shameful affront to the majesty of Globorg.

The immediate reason I wrote this book was to resolve a few issues I'd obsessed about for decades but finally put into the
frame of spiral dynamics in 2012. I have always been a bold champion of reason, eager to fight beside such allies as the
famous four horsemen of the neo-atheist apocalypse (namely Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and the late
Christopher Hitchens). Discussions with German Christians have clarified my views.

I find I can readily understand how Christians feel about our world. Like believers and infidels the world over, I feel dismay at the
political mess caused by pressures and tensions between the monotheist faiths. The urgency of the task of clearing up the
mess goes beyond normal science.

This history presents my attempt to understand the roots of the clash of civilizations in the dynamics of a logical but strange self
I call Goof, for GOOF, the God of our fathers. GOOF is my new tetragrammaton for the God of Abraham. In my third leap of
logic, I take a psychophysical view of this superhuman self, in which Goof is just another step on the way to coral life on cloud
nine. The story turns out to be an astonishing saga. You couldn't make it up.


The Spiral

Nude Apes

Purple Hearts

Red Cross Hero

Blue Bloodshed

A Clockwork Orange

Green Revolution


Yellow Star Jews

A Turquoise Marble

Coral Cloud


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