Folly and Fate in Brexit Britain

Andy Ross

A Rover Book
Pilot edition August 2022
Paperback, 445 pages
ISBN 979-8-8274-8750-0

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After decades in Germany, I expected my return to England to lead into years of contentment. Instead I was catapulted into the worst political crisis in Britain since 1940. There was no way to ignore Brexit, so I worked with Conservatives to do what I could to fight back.

The political aftershocks drive me to years of voyaging in an ocean of discord. The coronavirus pandemic tested a new government. War raged in Ukraine. Scandals brought down the prime minister. I finally found my grail in the cosmic roots of our life on Earth.

ALBION is a true story with a human thread. Navigating through the facts, it paints a personal portrait of Britain through nine years of Brexit drama. A philosophical gaze extends the horizon to find the truth that crowns an epic tale of folly and fate.

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