Brexit Corona Days

2013 — 2021

Andy Ross

First edition 2021
Approx 154 000 words

Jon Conway came back from years in Germany to an England racked by simmering political crisis. As a former computer scientist, he joined the Conservative party, campaigned, and did parliamentary work for his MP. Then the crisis exploded in 2016 to dump him in a personal and political drama that threatened to betray all the work he'd done in Europe.

ALBION is a documentary novel and Jon is a fictional avatar of its author. The story weaves a reconstructed trail through an authentic portrait of Britain during the Brexit and pandemic years. Jon's review of an historic period in Anglo-American politics traces his shift from incredulity to resistance and reveals a sea of troubles between Britain and Europe.

Enduring both the scandals of Brexit and the agony of the coronavirus pandemic caused Jon to frame his personal and national issues within a bigger narrative. Through the vivid reportage of a visionary philosopher, the tale emerging from his lockdown confinement brings plain facts and logical insight to an extraordinary reappraisal of our life and times.

ALBION offers sharp and original insights on questions that go far beyond Brexit and the pandemic to the heart of our human experience on Earth. The relentless advance of science and technology, the looming disaster of global warming, and a world of confusion in political and economic ideas combine to frame a unique and unsettling story of folly and fate.