Blog 2004

2004 October 27-28

Second Annual Development Kick-Off Meeting, SAP University, St. Leon-Rot, Germany
Delivered Breakout Session lecture on High Performance Business Intelligence technology
Participated in Jam Session demonstration of SAP NetWeaver TREX developments

2004 September 20

The Power of Purpose Awards
Winners announced. My submission:
Purpose in Life and Science

As I look at my face in the bathroom mirror, I see an uneven pulp of ageing flesh around two beady eyes. My stare becomes hypnotic and the flesh seems to melt. I see a spectral zombie face shimmering behind two black holes. The holes glaze over and I get dizzy. Who am I, where is this, why does it go on?

PDF: 4 pages, 100 KB

2004 July 25-29

Participated as SAP representative at SIGIR 2004
ACM Special Interest Group Information Retrieval Workshop, Sheffield, UK

2004 July 12-14

Held training course on SAP NetWeaver TREX technology, SAP Labs, Atlanta, GA


2004 May 17-22

Participated as SAP representative at WWW2004
The Thirteenth International World Wide Web Conference
New York, NY

Keynote: Tim Berners-Lee

2004 February 4

Posted downloadable PDF edition of 1996 novel:
LIFEBALL — Birth of a New God

Blog 2003

2003 December

Published op-ed article:
Business at the Speed of Evolution

If internal auditors and chief executives only assess IT projects by their impact on the bottom line, they are missing the point. Andy Ross explains how a new world view is needed to see the full picture.

Internal Auditing & Business Risk, 27(12), 12
PDF, 1 page, 64 KB

2003 November 3

SAP TREX Techno Hour: Presented lecture
Conscious Computers: What, How Why?

2003 September 28 — October 3

2003 Dublin Core Conference
Supporting Communities of Discourse and Practice — Metadata Research and Applications
Seattle, Washington, USA

2003 September 19-21

Ist Glaube nur psychologisch Erklärbar?
Jahrestagung des Instituts für Glaube und Wissenschaft, Marburg, Germany

2003 July 6-10

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2003: Between Phenomenology and Neuroscience
Prague, Czech Republic

Presented talk with slides:
A Photonic Theory of Consciousness

PDF: 60 slides, 3.3 MB

2003 June 28

Enjoyed Gaudy at Exeter College Oxford

2003 February 18

Published conference report:
The Self: From Soul to Brain
A New York Academy of Sciences Conference
New York City, September 26-28, 2002

The Mount Sinai School of Medicine is an imposing monument to the wealth and power of scientific medicine. Set on its own block in upper Manhattan, its rhetorical centre is the Stern Auditorium. Here, just over a year after 9/11, a group of gurus and self-seekers assembled to confer on the nature of the self. I was there too, looking for help in constructing a grand unified theory of soul and brain.

Journal of Consciousness Studies, 10(2), 2003, pp. 67-85
PDF: 19 pages, 105 KB

2003 February 14

Started work on new book:
Mindworlds: A Decade of Consciousness Studies

Me in early 2003
Me at SAP in early 2003

Blog 2002

2002 September 26-28

Started work on new article:
The Self: From Soul to Brain
New York Academy of Sciences
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY

Journal of Consciousness Studies, 10(2), 2003, pp. 67-85
PDF: 19 pages, 105 KB

2002 September 25

Moved house

2002 June 16

Completed review article:
First-Person Consciousness
Honderich and McGinn Reviewed

A nice everyday conception of consciousness is as autobiography. Ongoing experience is stored and restructured as a personal narrative, and consciousness is the generic mental state that accompanies this lifelong cognitive activity. On the higher scale of human cultural achievement, the literary form of autobiography brings this form of consciousness to a natural zenith. From this perspective, it is a happy coincidence that two distinguished philosophers of consciousness have recently published philosophical autobiographies.

Journal of Consciousness Studies, 9(7), 2002, pp. 55-82
PDF: 28 pages, 191 KB

2002 April 8-12

Toward a Science of Consciousness
Tucson, Arizona

Presented conference poster:
How Set Theory and Quantum Physics Can Give Us a Scientific Concept of Consciousness

Mindworlds are structured sets of qualia with subjective sides that are:
— Phenomenologically closed and unified
— Manifested as consistent sets of facts
— Temporally transient or momentary
— Experienced as states of an ongoing I

The corresponding objective sides are:
— Centered on living and functioning brains
— Associated with specific interneural activity
— Realized in a foam of photon bubbles
— Linked in the flow of an ongoing me

PDF: 40 slides, 3.5 MB

Blog 2001

2001 August 7-11

Toward a Science of Consciousness
Skoevde, Sweden

Presented talk with slides:
The Miph of Consciousness
The Mathematics, Informatics, and Physics of Consciousness and Its Place in Nature

PDF: 85 slides, 2 MB

Blog 2000

2000 April 15-20

Toward a Science of Consciousness
Tucson, Arizona

Special conference paper:
Consciousness: A Logical Model

Consciousness is not personal but subjective. The subject structures an input stream of qualia into a dynamic unity. The unity synthesizes an evolving series of centered virtual worlds that represent pairwise contradictory epistemic and ontic states. Each world is symmetric relative to alternative possible successors. The proposed model is platform independent and can support personal identity.

PDF: 28 pages, 227 KB