Brexit Corona Days

A docudrama by Andy Ross

PDF, 420 pages, 2.1 MB

Jon Conway returned to England after decades in Germany and joined the Conservative party. Then the prime minister decided to hold a referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU. Leavers won and Jon watched Britain sink into chaos. Years of absurd shenanigans and a third prime minister later, Jon realised the awful truth. But it was too late. Albion was sunk, Brexit got done, the Coronavirus crisis struck, and a new era began.

ALBION is a docudrama closely based on real events. A fictional overlay veils a bedrock of facts that in many places are left bare. The actors are all based on real people, but my characterisations of those people are fiction. The dialogues are mostly fictional and the paragraphs that read like journalism are mostly factual. The facts give the story its foundation and are backed up with references and links on this blog for the relevant period.

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