Brexit Corona Days

A novel by Andy Ross

First edition 2021
Approx 600 pages

Fresh back in England after decades in Germany, Jon Conway joined the Conservative party with the aim of getting back into British life. But soon he was caught up in a Brexit drama that ran counter to everything his life and work in Europe had taught him.

A young Conservative lady charmed Jon into staying, and he continued his political work until the trap closed. As the Brexit drama unfolded to its fateful end, the coronavirus crisis took over and left him alone with his memories in an English seaside town.

Nothing was as it seemed for Jon. As a headstrong young student in Oxford and London, he had followed his passions until they led him to Berlin. Decades in Germany then gave him the space he needed to forge a new and unique philosophy. Back in England, after seven years of Tory politics, he rediscovered the extraordinary ambition of his life's work.

This is a story based on real events. ALBION is a chronicle of a historic time of political and social crisis in British life, painstakingly accurate in its public detail, painfully direct in its private reportage, and as clear and incisive as only a seasoned author and thinker would dare. It tells a unique and unforgettable story of folly and fate.